Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Cackling Stitches Blocks of the Month - May

    It's May 1st
 and time
 for a new Cackling Stitches 

Block of the Month,
for our
"Bona Lisa's Sweater Emporium"

This month we have 2 blocks!

Carol at Just Let Me Quilt has the pattern for
Don't Touch the Hats.

And Joan at Mooosestash Quilting has the pattern for
Witch Necessities.

These are my versions of the blocks.

Click on the links to their blogs for the free patterns (Free the month of May).
The details and pattern links can also be found on our

This is the quilt:
Bona LIsa's Sweater Emporium
in 3 different colorways
50" x 74"

If you have missed any of the previous blocks you can click
for a page that has all the previous blocks listed and is up to date
with links to find the patterns.

The whole quilt pattern is available for purchase HERE.
The details and pattern links can also be found on our

How do we run our BOM's? We try to keep them easy!
On the first day of each month, we release a block pattern 
(sometimes it's more than one)
 that is free for the entire calendar month. After that, those blocks go into our individual 
ETSY shops where you can purchase them for $2 each. 
New and free block(s) then appear for the new month...and so on, and so on.
Beginning January 1st, the ENTIRE pattern is available in each of our ETSY shops for $15.
We've had so many people ask us if they can buy the whole thing at once, so we decided to go for it.
If you can't wait for each block release or you don't have a Facebook page, this is for you!
We hope you appreciate the time we put into creating this BOM and understand that we keep
 the costs to a minimum for you. We ask that you respect our copyrights and do not share the 
pattern with others. 

You're welcome to direct your friends to our Cackling Stitches Group on
Facebook or any of our ETSY shops so they can get their own patterns starting January 1st.

Creatin' in the Sticks Etsy Store HERE.
Just Let Me Quilt Etsy Store HERE.
Moosestash Quilting Etsy Store HERE.

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