Sunday, January 23, 2022

Scrappy Teddy Bear Quilt - Polar Bear Plunge Blog Hop

 Welcome to 
Creatin' in the Sticks!

Today is the first day of the first blog hop of 2022!

I'm excited to kick off the
Polar Bear Plunge Blog Hop
where bloggers are sharing favorite "chilly" projects.

To get the blog hop started,
I present my
Scrappy Teddy Bear Quilt

Joan at MooseStash Quilting presented bloggers with the challenge to make something 
inspired by 
bears, blue, or anything cold.
Thank you, Joan, for inviting me to join this super fun blog hop!

The timing of this blog hop couldn't be better.

My Scrappy Teddy Bear Quilt is for my new grandson 
his room is all bears.

I took advantage of the hop and made him a minky backed throw
(perfect for tummy time)
used up a bunch of 2 1/2 inch squares from my stash, too!

I went old-school to design the quilt and drew it out on graph paper.
(my favorite way to design!)

I added another border and quilted it fast with meandering.
It's about 38" x 48"

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Have fun hopping!

Don't forget to leave all the bloggers a little "comment love!"

See you here next month for 
Tickled Pink

there is still time to sign up for March

Stay warm!!!

We just finished watching the Chiefs win and my daughter sent me a picture of my grandbabies.
I thought I would share, even though he isn't on the quilt, he sure is cute in his 


  1. Oh my goodness! Your teddy quilt is soooooooo cute and your grandies are gorgeous.

  2. Carla, that teddy bear quilt is SEW cute! I love the blue background--just right (esp. since that was part of the hop requirements LOL). However, the picture of your grandkids is the best part of your post!! I can't believe your granddaughter is that big! Both are really cute--as all grandkids are. Love the Chiefs gear. What a game that was! Glad they pulled it off, finally. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, I love your polar bear quilt! Cute grandkids.

  4. Oh my goodness, how cute is that quilt. I know some little guy who is going to LOVE what his grammy made for him. Your granddaughter is growing up so fast. She looks a lot like you. :-) Thanks for kicking off our 2022 blog hop year.

  5. This is such a sweet quilt, Carla, and think of all the memories you have built into it.

  6. Your bear quilt is so stinking cute! I love that you designed in on graph paper; you're so talented!

  7. Sweet bear quilt with a heart. I don't have any fancy computer designing programs and sketch ideas out all the time myself, it is easier, isn't it? Your grandbabies are sweet. That was an amazing win in the game last night.

  8. This is just the cutest teddy bear it! Those little cuties look adorable in their Chiefs outfits. I can't believe how big your granddaughter has gotten!

  9. Carla your quilt is adorable! I see that you are a big Chiefs fan....I am a die-hard Bengals fan and have been my whole life (having been born and raised and still live in Cincinnati) Great Chiefs game last night.....Excited for the game this coming Sunday!

  10. What cute a cute teddy bear quilt and the grandbabies photo is cute, too!
    Connie W.

  11. What a cute quilt, and the bear made with minky is a great idea. I enjoy designing on graph paper, too. It's kinda therapeutic, isn't it? You have two beautiful grands in that photo!

  12. Your quilt is so cute, but your grands are just adorable!

  13. Adorable quilt and even more adorable grandbabies! Love her smile!

  14. Very cute quilt (and grandkids)! It fits two themes very well.

  15. What a great quilt for the little guy. Both grands are looking super in the chiefs getups!

  16. Adorable quilt & grandbabies, love them both! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us.

  17. What a cute teddy I love him well done

  18. So, so sweet quilt for your little one.

  19. Oh what adorable Chiefs Fans. Love your bear quilt and I'm sure so will he. I do love graph paper it is so helpful in the creative process.

  20. Very cute quilt, and congratulations on the new sweet little man in your life.

  21. The quilt is darling, as are the little Chiefs.

  22. I absolutely LOVE your teddy bear quilt!!! It's just perfect!

  23. Wonderful quilt. I'm so impressed with your designing. That grandson is going to LOVE his new quilt made especially for him.

  24. Adorable! The quilt is too. Graph paper is my fave too.

  25. Such a cute, big teddy bear!! I did a Panda quilt similar to this and a Tiger as well for my twin grandsons! Such fun. I'm sure your new grandson will cherish it!!

  26. Scrappy Teddy Bear is adorable and so are your grandchildren.

  27. He's super cute! Perfect for tummy time!

  28. Such a cute blue teddy quilt! Your precious grandson will love it. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Your little teddy bear baby quilt is SO adorable! I can appreciate the time it takes to design like that. And all I’ve ever drawn designs for are little paper piecing blocks. You went big!

  30. That is an adorable quilt!! Great start to the Blog hop!

  31. Cute bear quilt! remember how pixel quilts were in quiltmaker some years ago? I want to make my own pixel quilt one day :)

  32. Carla that teddy bear quilt is s cute, but the grand babies are even cuter 😉

  33. very cute quilt, and congrats on the new grand🎊

  34. Cute quilt for a little cutie pototie!

  35. I absolutely love the polar bear quilt. I'm sure it will be loved to shreds by your grandson. I am a firm believer in graphing out quilt designs.
    As wonderful as the quilt photo is, your grandchildren attired in their Chief's outfits steal the show.

  36. I just love this teddy bear quilt, it's sooo cute!!! But your grandies are even sweeter :) xx


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