Friday, March 29, 2019

Vintage Reimagined - Concrete Window

The March challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors is Vintage Reimagined.

Today is my day to show

Concrete Window.

It's been a long journey to meet the challenge, but I am so happy to share the finish.

The challenge was to be inspired by anything vintage whether it's a quilt, a vintage find, antiques, vintage furniture or architecture. Basically, anything vintage could be the inspiration.
The only rule was the quilt must be over 36". Any technique or color could be used.

I searched books, magazines, and the internet for inspiration
my first idea came from a block in Electric Quilt called the Cross Roads Block.

After a little research, I found that there are more Cross Roads (crossroads) quilt blocks than I could imagine. From Kentucky to California and everywhere in between there seems to be a Crossroads quilt pattern. Some from the Civil War and some brand new.

So still I was struggling.
I felt like I was forcing a design that just wasn't really me.
Do you ever do this?
I think that is where my UFOs come from...

On a trip for a cup of Joe one Saturday morning, I spied this vintage concrete block fence and knew this was the inspiration I was looking for.

Then a light bulb moment -

A church window.
I just love the shape.

My quilt blocks were designed with Electric Quilt 
I used the colors of the window to choose the fabrics for the quilt.
 Island Batik French Blue - Mum Universal and Island Batik's solid Grey 
for the main part of the quilt.

The border is from the Island Batik blenders collection Large Netting in Pineneedle I was so happy to receive.

The batting is Hobbs Tuscany Collection Silk Blend.  Perfect for a lightweight quilt.

I quilted Concrete Window with Aurifil 40 wt. #2615 Aluminum on my Handiquilter with big leaves from edge to edge.  

Inspiration can be found anywhere
I just love how this quilt came about from a trip to the coffee shop 
on a beautiful Saturday morning.

I'll always think of that when I cozy up with this 54" square quilt.

You can find the full list of Island Batik ambassadors posting for the 
Vintage Reimagined challenge 
by clicking HERE.

Where will your next inspiration come from?

If you are looking for the All About Strings Blog Hop post and giveaway, click HERE.  
Entries end Sunday, March 31st and the winner will be announce Monday April 1st.


  1. Beautiful quilt Carla! So striking with the contrast between the blue and grey, and as you say inspiration can come from anywhere!

  2. I love that you found the inspiration this way. Inspiration is everywhere if we open ourselves to find it.

    Your quilt is terrific. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Really pretty quilt! I loved seeing your inspiration too.

  4. This is gorgeous. I love how the white pops. Isnt if fun where inspiration comes from?

  5. Stunning quilt, love the colors!

  6. I love when inspiration hits at unexpected moments...and you can't get to your machine fast enough to sew! Great quilt!

  7. I love that you found inspiration on a trip for coffee. Beautiful quilt!

  8. Carla, you did well with your challenge! Thanks for sharing your inspiration for it too.

  9. Love this and the story of your inspiration.

  10. I have seen those concrete blocks and love the way you interpreted the vintage theme!

  11. fabulous quilt. love the inspiration.


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